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Artist: Greg  Bishop, Joe Oesterle
Title: Weird California
Weird California

Format: Hardback Book

Grade (Outer/Inner): VG++

Label: Sterling

This richly illustrated collection of the funny, bizarre, strange, and weird aspects and sites in California is an absolute delight of a book - just the perfect gift for those who share your joy of the craziness that makes life in this state so enjoyable. Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran have combed the roads and back ways of the state and have come across both tourist attractions and assorted oddities that make for a fast and hugely entertaining book. Beginning with an informative journey into California history, such as the curse of Griffith Park (a lot of curious but true facts all sculpted into a story by the fine writers!), the myth of 'La Llorna' that references the Hispanic richness of life here, and other legends, the book then takes the reader on a series of visits of the unnatural wonders, the 'unexplained phenomena', the strange beasts that inhabit both the land and the waters, landmarks that though odd are real - such as the Watts Towers, Litto's Hubcap Ranch, the Forestiere Underground Gardens, villages and houses created out of bottles, the sites of the Charles Manson murdering clan, the famous other-worldly Winchester Mystery House and the tombstones and burial grounds of the famous folk of the state (such as James Dean), and countless other fascinating concepts and places... Hardback with no dust jacket, 303 pages, 2006..