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Artist: Chet  Flippo
Title: Yesterday - Unauthorized biography of Paul McCartney
Yesterday - Unauthorized biography of Paul McCartney

Format: Hardback biography

Grade (Outer/Inner): VG++

Label: Doubleday

Described by his biographer (rock journalist and author of Hank Williams and On the Road with the Rolling Stones ) as the most successful songwriter in history and one of the richest men in the world, Paul McCartney lives out of the public eye with his wife and four children on farms in England and Scotland. Flippo capably retells the familiar story of the Beatles and includes hitherto unpublished recollections by John Lennon, but only a sparse last sixth of the text is about McCartney's separate career. He continues to write songs, we're told, but many are unfinished because of his "increasing lack of discipline" and because he spends much time raising sheep and chickens, buying publishing rights to songs and musicals and, in turn, selling some of them to Michael Jackson... 400 page hardback with dust jacket, 1st edition, 1988... CLICK HERE to purchase this item (or any others) without having to register... CLICK HERE to view additional titles in Hot Platters Ebay Store...