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Artist:   Beatles
Title: Hard Day's Night - (2) Laser disc set
Hard Day's Night - (2) Laser disc set

Format: Laser Disc

Grade (Outer/Inner): VG/VG++

Label: Criterion Collection

The Criterion Collection.(Catalog Number CC1113L ) (Digital Stereo) (1.33:1) (4 Sides) (CAV) (1.33:1) (NTSC)... (2) Laser Disc set released in 1987. Special Features : Ttheatrical trailer for the 1982 re-release. Video interview with director Richard Lester. Experimental Richard Lester film, 'The Running, Jumping and Standing still" which inspired the Beatles to work with him on 'A Hard Day's Night'. Gatefold cover with mild ring wear on back and spine...